In 2013 I sought after my first restaurant opening as a business owner in beautiful Kelowna , BC. As I constructed my business plan I found a gaping hole which needed to be addressed. Who was I purchasing product & operating supplies from and what was i going to be charged… deeper down that rabbit hole… why am I charged that much?

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  • Levis Consulting bridges these critical gaps for small and large business’s alike, securing aggressive pricing strategy’s and establishing distributor agreements which will relieve the cumbersome pricing battles operators face weekly.

Distributor Agreements & Pricing Strategy

  • Identifying all supply chains, sourcing the best distributors available to you and your business goals
  • Complete business & menu analysis understanding your purchasing options 
  • Negotiate an advantageous pricing structure on your behalf 
  • Provide you with the absolute best distribution agreements available to you
  • Complete a 30 day pricing audit once distributors have been selected ensuring compliance

Quantify Through Consolidation

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  • The average food & beverage business has an opportunity to capture between 10k – 25k in savings and rebates per year. Levis Consulting will acquire these on your behalf and illuminate how to continue to attain ongoing savings.